E.g., 01/23/2018
E.g., 01/23/2018
S. No. Title Link/Download Date
21 White Paper on Black Money, May 2012 Download (650.72 KB) pdf May, 2012
22 The BRICS Report : A Study of Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa with special focus on synergies and complementarities Download (2.81 MB) pdf Apr, 2012
23 The Status Paper on Government Debt (2011 - 2012) Download (523.29 KB) pdf Mar, 2012
24 Report of the Task Force on an Aadhaar-Enabled Unified Payment Infrastructure Download (1.92 MB) pdf Feb, 2012
25 Interim Report of the Task Force on Direct Transfer of Subsidies on Kerosene, LPG and Fertiliser Download (1.83 MB) pdf Jul, 2011
26 Report of the Committee on Comprehensive Review of National Small Savings Fund Download (1.7 MB) pdf Jun, 2011
27 Report of the Technology Advisory Group for Unique Projects Download (1008.45 KB) pdf Feb, 2011
28 Government Debt- Status and Road Ahead Download (198.29 KB) pdf Nov, 2010
29 Report of the Working Group on Foreign Investment in India Download (3.71 MB) pdf Aug, 2010
30 Report of the Internal Working Group on Debt Management Download (675.39 KB) pdf Nov, 2008