E.g., 01/23/2018
E.g., 01/23/2018
S. No. Title Link/Download Date
31 Technical Cooperation Scheme of Colombo Plan Download (216.33 KB) pdf Mar, 2007
32 Investment Commission Report Download (722.26 KB) pdf Feb, 2006
33 Report of the Committee on Rationalization of Excise and Customs Duties on Edible and Oilseeds Download (141 KB) pdf Jan, 2006
34 Report of High Level Expert Committee on Corporate Bonds and Securitization Download (1.62 MB) pdf Dec, 2005
35 Performance Budget of Ministry of Finance 2005-2006 Download (209.27 KB) pdf Dec, 2005
36 A White Paper on State-Level Value Added Tax Download (72.53 KB) pdf Jan, 2005
37 Guidelines for Development Co-operation with the Bilateral Partners Policy on Development Co-operation with Government and its subordinate agencies Download (19.01 KB) pdf Jan, 2005
38 Central Government Subsidies in India Download (150.14 KB) pdf Dec, 2004
39 Report of the Expert Group on Classification of Government Transactions Download (328.48 KB) pdf Jul, 2004
40 Report of the Committee on Liberalisation of Foreign Institutional Investment Download (216.06 KB) pdf Jun, 2004