E.g., 07/17/2019
E.g., 07/17/2019
S. No. Title Link/Download Date
1 Pulses Committee Report - Incentivising Pulses Production Through Minimum Support Price (MSP) and Related Policies Download (2.06 MB) pdf Sep, 2016
2 Report of BRICS Conference on INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION IN BRICS Challenges Download (391.62 KB) pdf Aug, 2016
3 Investment and Growth in Textile Industry - Supplementary Report Download (85.26 KB) pdf Oct, 2015
4 Report of the Committee to recommend measures for curbing mis-selling and rationalizing distribution incentives in financial products Download (4.4 MB) pdf Sep, 2015
5 Report on Applicability of Minimum Alternate Tax(MAT) on FIIs/FPIs for the period prior to 01.04.2015 Download (1.15 MB) pdf Sep, 2015
6 Report of the Committee to Review the Framework of Access to Domestic and Overseas Capital Markets (Phase II, Part II : Foreign Currency Borrowing) (Report III) Download (6.63 MB) pdf Apr, 2015
7 Agreement on Monetary Policy Framework Download (122.04 KB) pdf Feb, 2015
8 Inviting comments on the Interim Report of the Bankruptcy Law Reforms Committee (BLRC) Download (1.56 MB) pdf Feb, 2015
9 The Status Paper on Government Debt - 2014 Download (3.06 MB) pdf Jan, 2015